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March 15, 2020
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Melissa’s Likes
I consider myself a smart woman, I think that I change the life of the people that are around me, I am sweet and what makes me unique is that I am real and honest, I like to take the time to get to know the other person and find his deepest desires and secrets, I will make u feel new sensations if you choose to come into my world, you will feel unique, and you wouldn’t want to leave it.

My Fantasies
I am a person with an open mind, I have a lot of fantasies, but this is one of them, the last summer I went to Cancun when I was in the restaurant a young couple came to our table to eat with me. They felt free to talk about something that they wanted to do there, saying how bad they wanted to have sex with another girl, describing me and answered all the naughty things that they would like to make, while I was listening to the couple I started to get wet I was feeling like if they were touching me with every word that they said, I was nervous. Still, I grabbed the hand of the woman and said let’s make it real, they both were surprised because they thought that I didn’t speak English, but in the next second, they gave me the key of their room and told me to go meet them at 10pm.

Additional Info
I like to have new experiences and learn new things every day so you can feel free to be open and tell me what you want and I will do it with you.

Special Info
I like to workout, spend time with my friends and my family, I want to read, my favorite thing to do is a travel and eat.

My Fetishes
Anal, Breast Play, Feet, Findom, Humiliation, Paddling/Spanking/Whips, Pain and Punishment, Rope Play, Sugar Daddy, Teasing

My Sex Toys
Butt Plug, Clothespins, Feather, Handcuffs, Nipple Clamps, Tickler, Vibrator, Whip

Role-Playing Scenarios
Boss / Secretary, Cheerleader/Jock, Dirty Talk, Master / Slave, Service Worker/Housewife, Student/Teacher

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