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March 27, 2020
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I am a happy and tender girl, loyal, sincere, usually shy, and quiet, but when someone inspires confidence, I am usually extroverted, provocative, sensual, and playful.

I enjoy listening to music, reading, singing (I do not sing well, haha) going to the movies or watching movies and football (soccer) at home (alone or accompanied) My favorite teams are Real Madrid and Borrusia from Dortmund. Listen, talk about any subject, enjoy learning to the maximum, I like to be essential but not always the center of attention.

I love to eat and sleep and eat more. The music I listen to is quite a crossover, but I lean more towards alternative music.

I am one of the few girls who do not expect to have a family, husband, or children.
Maybe later I can change my mind (you never know), I consider myself a free person, and I really enjoy it. One of my great dreams is to travel to many places in the world, to know lots of people and culture, and to learn from each one of them.


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